The FGM Propaganda: Institutional Vested Interests

When bodies/individuals with vested interests are appointed or funded to drive a cause, you can’t get anything than injustices driven by greed. The defining question to the rest of us who still have the element of humanity and compassion in us is, ”what happens to the families; men, women and children (obviously from the migrant’s communities) who have been damaged by these activities?”

It’s great that women are now rising up to challenge the same excuse some of them have been advised to use to secure their ways in the UK and which narratives unfortunately added to the wrong survey.

The family Model – The Society Balance

Do not allow yourselves to be deceived. The family structure is the foundation of all human organisations. If the family structure fails (as we are witnessing today), it is a matter of time before all the other organisations too will fail.

The capitalist and political-correct world teach you to disdain your home so as to source its own resources. You are taught to respect teachers than your parents and to value an employer that your own family. What you cannot do in your workplace to your employer are what you are encouraged to do at home and claim a right about. You need to wise up because at a point, you’ll hit pensionable age or you get a sack after you have been used and you’ll have no where to turn.

Do you study the royals and the aristocrats in this country? Do their children live the same way like the children-of-the-streets raised by political policies hostile to family values? Do the social services go to their children and advise them to call the police when disciplined? Have you asked yourself how the women who married into the royal family and had to change their lifestyles to fit the courtesy of the royal family have not been ”rescued” by the social services from ”controlling” husbands? It’s value.
I guess you do not want to have a miserable old age. Act Now and guard your family values if you have any left.