“We have successfully intervened in a housing matter ensuring that a tenant was not treated unfairly and preventing a breakdown of landlord-tenant relationship. It’s quite clear though that staffs of some housing associations etc. might benefit from a training on the Equality Act 2010 and of course, Cultural Diversity”

”People love to be different. People enjoy being different. People take pride in their differences. So, why are we not celebrating our natural difference which is our cultures? Why would a child be suspected as a probable victim of abuse simply because his/her culture is different from that of the host community?

Should the agencies of the host community not find it reasonable to investigate a child’s cultural values before making unfounded allegations and putting families through unreasonable pressure?”

”Organising a one-day training is not going to resolve the ongoing failing of the Social services regarding the African Child. There has to be inclusiveness and continuity. The BME community must be involved at the decision-making level of anything involving an African child i.e. child panels, social services meetings etc.” Director – Action for Culture and Ethics