About Us

Action for Culture and Ethics is a social-focused company with a mission to address the internal and external cultural conflicts in a diverse Scottish/UK society through cultural education, facilitation and advocacy.

Afcae will focus on the African culture and will engage, encourage, empower and enhance the African children, parents and professionals so as to deal with the complexities of living in a diverse society and to break barriers, promote cultural pluralism (which is necessary for integration) and celebrate cultural diversity.

Afcae will engage with service providers, public bodies, politicians, companies and organisations etc. to deliver bespoke training on cultural ethics and behaviours (Africa) and the need to understand and celebrate the minor cultures (mostly of immigrants) so as to have a more inclusive, just and fairer diverse society.

While the focus will be on the Africans and Africa culture in diverse Scottish/UK, Afcae hopes that the template will be useful for other minor cultures and the host culture.